Top Tips for End of Month Mindset


No matter how your month has been going, the reality is it’s going to end…soon.  So what do you do to make the most of it?  It starts with your mindset, and it ends with action.  But before I share with you top tips for your end of month mindset, you’ve got to evaluate where…

The Border Patrol – How to Control Fears, Doubts and Negative Headtalk

No Fear Concept

One of the most critical components of success is controlling your fears, doubts and negative head-talk.  But we cannot control what we don’t understand.  So listen to this short audio about why these negative voices exist, so you can control (or eliminate) them forever… BorderPatrol This blurb was pulled out of the “90 Day Blitz” group coaching…

Internal Work

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When you clear your own internal irritations, frustrations and anger, you won’t project that negativity on to others. When you don’t have something inside you, you can’t give it to others. That is true for both positive and negative feelings. Listen to learn more.  

[Free Video Training] “Change the Game” in Your Mary Kay Business!

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In this 100% free video training series, Sean will share how to handle 4 of the most crucial areas of your business… 1) Having the right MINDSET for success – if you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll always fail to succeed. 2) Conquering your FEARS – we all have them, but most people are…

[Tutorial] How to Use the Pink Caddie Success Tracking App


The Pink Caddie Success Tracking app will help you build your MK business by tracking your most important income producing ACTIVITIES! To download the app, go here

P.O.I.S.E. Yourself to Alleviate Anxiety

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Anxiety is something we all understand, at least conceptually, but what is it, really?  If we don’t really understand what it is, then it is very difficult to determine what to do with it.  Defined in the dictionary, anxiety is described as: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. This…

Pink Caddie Coach Ezine 8-27-14

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What’s New and Good School’s in! The kids are back in school, and we’re back to work (not that we stopped, but we certainly slow down a bit in summer to spend some of that time with the kids).  Cybil and I also slowed down for a great trip to Croatia…a 7 day cruise with…

[Video] Which Goal Should I Go For?

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Choosing the right goal is the first step in achievement.  But sometimes, that’s the biggest problem! If you can’t decide on which goal you should go for – Cadillac, National, Director, Red Jacket, $10,000… watch this video to clear it up. Add a comment below to let us know what goal you are committing to…

3 Easy Tips to Energize Yourself

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It’s 3 in the afternoon and your eyelids are drooping. You just don’t feel energetic at all, but you’ve got calls to make, orders to deliver and then dinner to cook. What do you do? A) You drop everything and take a nap…you need it, right? B) You struggle through it & feel exhausted at the…

[Video] Why People Quitting Your Business is OK!

Most Consultants and Directors have a fear of people quitting their business, which is holding them back at an unconscious level. Until you release this fear, you will always sabotage your recruiting efforts. Watch this whole video to see if you have a bigger fear of “YES” than you do of “NO” (most IBC’s do!)…