[Video] Which Goal Should I Go For?

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Choosing the right goal is the first step in achievement.  But sometimes, that’s the biggest problem! If you can’t decide on which goal you should go for – Cadillac, National, Director, Red Jacket, $10,000… watch this video to clear it up. Add a comment below to let us know what goal you are committing to…

3 Easy Tips to Energize Yourself

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It’s 3 in the afternoon and your eyelids are drooping. You just don’t feel energetic at all, but you’ve got calls to make, orders to deliver and then dinner to cook. What do you do? A) You drop everything and take a nap…you need it, right? B) You struggle through it & feel exhausted at the…

[Video] Why People Quitting Your Business is OK!


Most Consultants and Directors have a fear of people quitting their business, which is holding them back at an unconscious level. Until you release this fear, you will always sabotage your recruiting efforts. Watch this whole video to see if you have a bigger fear of “YES” than you do of “NO” (most IBC’s do!)…

Keep Your Business Sizzling in the Summer


Instead of things fizzling this summer, find out how to make them sizzle!   Summer’s Coming! If the rise in temperatures causes you to ramp up your business, then you’ve got nothing to worry about!  However, if summer means kids are home and you lose your focus, or the longer days cause you to linger…

Spring Cleaning [Part 3] – Clean out the Closets!


Let’s talk about what’s in your closets. Why? Because in talking about cleaning out closets (and perhaps actually doing it) can teach us a lot about how to clean out what’s hiding inside ourselves as well. So where do we start? Let’s take a look inside… What’s in Your Closet? If you are like many other people, (and…

[Video] Don’t Sell the $75 Promotion!

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Even though there’s a lot of buzz and excitement about the $75 Starter Kit promotion, be VERY CAREFUL how you handle it. Many consultants and directors push the promotion in such a way that it attracts the exact opposite of who you want to attract. And then a few months later, you’re left with disappointment….

Spring Cleaning [Part 2] – Sorting Through the Obstacles

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Can you relate to this picture?  I know I can.  Sometimes there seems like too much to handle.  It is easier to make progress when you put everything you can find into a pile, then work on that pile. Last post, we talked about attacking the attic – and in my version of spring cleaning, I was…

3 Phases to a True Breakthrough

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Listen to our FREE Teleseminar! Have you ever read a book, listened to an audio program, or even gone to a live seminar and made a decision to change your life? And then a couple months, couple weeks or even a couple days later, you found yourself right back where you were before, not having…

[Video] 2 Quick Cures for Phone Fear!

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Most Consultants and Directors have some resistance when it comes to making phone calls. In this business, that’s a TERRIBLE THING to have! =) But instead of fighting the fear, use these 2 QUICK CURES to avoid it all together.   After watching, make sure to share your “love list” in the comments section. ~SS

Drama – Does it Drain you or Drive you?

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Drama.  We all have it in our lives, but how much of it depends on how we respond to it.  Some people seem to thrive on drama.  I mean, we wouldn’t have the phrase “Drama Queens,” if they didn’t exist, right? The question I have for you is: How do you handle drama? When it…