Fearless Speaking in Direct Sales – Part 2

If speaking in public, with any number of people, is a fear for you, you’re probably more in your head than in your heart.  The more you speak from your heart, the easier it will be.  But I realize that’s easier said than done, so in part 2 of this series, I’m sharing 3 Keys [...]

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Fearless Speaking in Direct Sales – Part 1

  Speaking is a big fear for many people, but the reason for the fear differs depending on who you ask.  Regardless of the reason you fear speaking, you can learn how to speak fearlessly, and as a result, grow your business & personal success. In this series, we’ll look at several fears around speaking [...]

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Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment and upset are part of the human experience.  If you’ve never been disappointed or upset, then I’m not sure you’re human.  (Just kidding - but if this is you, maybe we should talk!  Though if it is you, I’m not sure why you’re reading this or watching the video.  OK - enough on that.) [...]

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What Do you Do like Clockwork?

What Do you Do like Clockwork? - What Do you Do like Clockwork? Do you brush your teeth every night before you get in bed?  Do you wash your face? Those are probably things in your life you do like clockwork. When it comes to your business, is there anything you do like clockwork? Do [...]

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Do You Deserve to Succeed?

Do You Deserve to Succeed? - It's quite the loaded question, isn't it? Don't answer just yet, because I might have the answer for you. Listen to this short seven minute audio to hear what it might be. And keep reading to take a quick look at fears and why you might be "losing" in [...]

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Stop Selling! Start Serving.

Many people in direct sales have issues with selling – and so I’m going to offer this simple advice:   Stop Selling! I don’t mean quit your business and get rid of all your products.  What I mean is there’s another way to move the products off of your shelves and earn an income in [...]

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