Improving Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

Did you know that most problems people struggle with in their MK business stem from problems with self-esteem and confidence?  Well, they do.  And though confidence and self-esteem are often lumped together or used interchangeably, they are not the same. What’s the Difference? Self-esteem is all about how you feel about yourself as a person, [...]

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Do You Have a Problem with Commitment?

If you’re not getting your goals, you probably don't have a skill-set problem, discipline problem, or focus problem... you most likely have a commitment problem. There are 16 required components for the unconscious mind to be 100% committed to the achievement of a goal. The more components that are out of alignment, the more you'll [...]

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3 Mindset Mistakes that Minimize Success

Success is something we all want.  Well, there probably are people who don’t want it, but they wouldn’t be reading this anyway, so I’ll stick with my universal statement that we all want success. In going after what we want, there are 3 common mindset mistakes I see people make that minimize their chance at [...]

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Shame On Me

Do you ever resent other people?  Maybe wish you could have what they have? Do you have a hard time celebrating other people’s accomplishments?  Perhaps because you feel you should have accomplished the same or possibly even more? Both of these things have happened to me, and I’m going to venture to guess they’ve happened [...]

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