What Do you Do like Clockwork?

What Do you Do like Clockwork? - What Do you Do like Clockwork? Do you brush your teeth every night before you get in bed?  Do you wash your face? Those are probably things in your life you do like clockwork. When it comes to your business, is there anything you do like clockwork? Do [...]

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Do You Deserve to Succeed?

Do You Deserve to Succeed? - It's quite the loaded question, isn't it? Don't answer just yet, because I might have the answer for you. Listen to this short seven minute audio to hear what it might be. And keep reading to take a quick look at fears and why you might be "losing" in [...]

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Stop Selling! Start Serving.

Many people in direct sales have issues with selling – and so I’m going to offer this simple advice:   Stop Selling! I don’t mean quit your business and get rid of all your products.  What I mean is there’s another way to move the products off of your shelves and earn an income in [...]

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The Power of Pre-Decision

We can project forward whatever we want to experience.  I call it the power of pre-decision.  What I know is that we will always find whatever we’re searching for, so we might as well search for something we want to find.  Whatever you search for, you’ll find, so what if you made it a choice [...]

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What’s Behind Your Tears?

Do you cry when thinking about your dreams? I know I do.  How about you?  And do you know why? Someone recently asked me what it means if you cry when thinking about your dreams, and my answer was, “it depends.” On one hand you could be crying in desperation and disbelief.  On the other [...]

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Is the Snooze Button Damaging Your Self-Esteem?

I’ll be honest here…I hit the snooze button several times most mornings, and some days it is damaging my self-esteem.  I say some days, because I haven’t yet become an easy riser in the morning, and I often set my alarm intentionally early so I can snooze a few times.  But some days I hit [...]

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