What’s Behind Your Tears?

Do you cry when thinking about your dreams? I know I do.  How about you?  And do you know why? Someone recently asked me what it means if you cry when thinking about your dreams, and my answer was, “it depends.” On one hand you could be crying in desperation and disbelief.  On the other [...]

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Is the Snooze Button Damaging Your Self-Esteem?

I’ll be honest here…I hit the snooze button several times most mornings, and some days it is damaging my self-esteem.  I say some days, because I haven’t yet become an easy riser in the morning, and I often set my alarm intentionally early so I can snooze a few times.  But some days I hit [...]

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Are you DRIVEN?

There’s a perception that people are either driven or not - like it’s a gene you either have or you don’t.  Or, it’s perceived to be situational - some days you’re driven and other days you aren’t.   Both of these scenarios highlight the commonly held belief you have no control over whether you’re driven or not.  [...]

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Challenge Your Limits

Eliminating your limiting beliefs is by far the most powerful step you’ll ever take toward achieving all your dreams and goals.  Without an empowered belief system, you will always sabotage your success and fall short of your potential. Before explaining how to eliminate those beliefs, let’s talk about what won't work… ~ Telling yourself not to.  [...]

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One Thing

Want to know the ONE THING that will make the difference between success and defeat when it comes to getting your goals?  Keep reading, and I’ll share…It’s a new Seminar year.  If you attended Seminar, you are likely filled with excitement and determination to get your goals, because that’s what attending is designed to do.  [...]

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Comparisons Can Create Happiness and Confidence

In this brief 4 1/2 minute video, Sean teaches how to use comparisons to increase your happiness & confidence. We all compare ourselves to other people, and generally we come up short, creating feelings of misery - sadness, unworthiness, inferiority, etc. - all yucky feelings that don’t help you enjoy life or build a successful [...]

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