Everyone experiences fear. It is nothing more than protection from the thought that “something bad might happen.”

This thought is actually a judgment, and only a possibility, not a definite, as indicated by the word “might.”  Even so, fears exist, and they create worry and they can be paralyzing.  

Did you know fear would disappear if you didn’t create the idea that “something bad might happen?”  When you’re afraid of something bad happening, you’re not afraid of the object or activity, you’re afraid of the possible outcome.

Let’s look at an example:  acrophobia, otherwise known as the fear of heights.  Someone with this fear is not afraid of height itself, but of “something bad happening” at various heights, such as falling. 

Another example we can look at is the fear of flying.  No one is afraid of flight, but many people are afraid of “something bad happening” while in flight.

What are you afraid of?

If you experience fear, you want to follow your thoughts so you can answer the question: what’s the source of the fear?  This process might take some time, and you might need to enlist the help of someone else, so what can you do if you’re feeling fear now and it’s stopping you? 

Even if you can’t pinpoint the source of the fear, there’s still something you can do to dissolve it.

In my experience coaching Independent Beauty Consultants and Directors, asking the following 3 questions will release about 95% of all business related fears:

    1. How likely is it to occur?
    2. How bad will it really be anyway?
    3. How temporary is it?

If you can’t dissolve your fears with those 3 questions, then I have 4 more tips to help you overcome your FEAR.

Overcoming FEAR

    • Face.  This first tip is simply to face the fear and realize that if you’re experiencing fear, you’re experiencing life.  Fears are created when you want more, or when you want to move outside your comfort zone.  If you have no fear, then you’re complacent.  So I hope you’re experiencing fear, and can face it and follow the next tip.
    • Embrace. The second suggestion is to embrace your fears, because they are your protection mechanism.  When you fight your fears, you give them energy, but when you embrace them, you remove the energy barrier they can create. Don’t confront your fears with conflict, welcome them with love.
    • Act.  The third tip is all about taking action.  Action is the antidote to most fear.  Lessons are learned with action.  Growth happens with action.  So take action.
    • Release.  This final piece of advice is all about letting go, which I alluded to in the beginning.  If you can release the idea that “something bad might happen,“  then you won’t hold on to your fears.  Furthermore, in order to overcome fear, you have to release control – especially when it comes to what other people will say or do.  Let go of the outcomes, because you can’t control them, so don’t let them control you by creating fear. 

If you want help working with these 4 tips to overcome your fears, or identifying the source of the fear so you can release it completely, we are here for you!  Schedule your private one-on-one session with a certified coach to see how we can help.  Visit http://www.pinkcaddiecoach.com/private-coaching to book your complimentary appointment now, or call 805-552-4423 or email info@pinkcaddiecoach.com.