Let’s get real.  There is no secret sauce or magic bullet for achieving your goals.  You have to DO THE WORK.  

But this concept is as close as it gets to a secret sauce — accountability.

The purpose of accountability is to help you, or rather FORCE YOU, to do the necessary activities you have to do in order to get your goals.  Period.

And it works!

In fact, the reason I’m publishing this blogpost at 11:43pm on a Sunday evening is because I have a LOT of money to lose if I don’t get it done by midnight!  =)  Had I not committed to it in a public forum, I would be in bed right now.  Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Here are 3 tips I’ve found very useful when creating accountability commitments…

1) Make your commitments public.

We all intend to go for our dreams, but unfortunately we have a very difficult time holding ourselves accountable when nobody’s watching (don’t beat yourself up over this, it’s human nature).  

That’s why it’s imperative that we do it publicly.  If you’re anything like me, you are 50 times more likely to complete a task if you made a public declaration because your integrity is on the line!

My favorite form of public accountability is Facebook.  Anytime I get serious about doing something, I’ll post something like this on one of my pages…

I commit to ____________ by Sunday at midnight.  If I don’t complete the tasks, I will send a $50 check to the first 20 people who comment on this post.

^ That will get you in motion, I promise!  Because the idea of paying $1,000 immediately makes all your obstacles a lot less powerful.  Which leads to #2…

2) Make your consequences financial.

Contrary to the way we’re generally taught, humans are not very driven by money.  Of course, we need it to survive, but most people are more committed to staying in their comfort zone than fattening their bank account.  This is mostly because “more money” is theoretical – it’s based on the future, which doesn’t activate your unconscious mind.

However, we HATE losing money!  When you have to write a check or physically hand cash over for not getting your activities done, the commitment level goes through the roof!  Losing money is not theoretical, it’s very real because it’s based in the present moment which is much more motivating to your unconscious mind.

And make your consequences sting – it should be something you really don’t want to do.  For instance, don’t offer to donate money to your church or your favorite charity as a consequence.  There’s a piece of you that knows it’s good to do those things, so you won’t be as motivated to get your work done.

Make the dollar amount significant, but also realistic.  If you put up a million dollars, and you don’t have that much to pay anyway, then your commitments are fake to begin with and there’s less of a chance you’ll take it seriously.

3) Only commit to activities you control 100%!

This is the most important concept of all.  If you’re committing to results that are beyond your control, your unconscious mind will resist going for it.  We don’t enjoy giving our best effort and still feeling like we lost.  The best way to avoid this is making sure you are in charge of the outcome, and nobody else.

So take whatever goals you have and work backwards to figure out the actions you must take to give yourself a realistic chance at getting those goals.  And only commit to the actions.  

For example, instead of committing to recruit 5 people this month, commit to making 100 phone calls to your leads.

Instead of committing to getting 10 names and phone numbers while warm chatting, commit to complimenting and offering your card to 20 people.  

I could tell story after story after story of people who have committed to doing the activities, not the results, and wound up getting huge results accidentally!  Results are a by-product of doing the actions, so all your focus and energy should be on the actions.

When you incorporate these 3 tips into your achievement plan, I guarantee you’ll have more certainty of what you need to do on a daily basis, more fulfillment because you will feel much more productive, and ultimately more FUN because you’ll be getting more of your goals!!!

If you’re serious about your goals, you must be serious about taking action.  And if you’re serious about taking action, you must set yourself up to succeed instead of fail.

Call to Action:  My challenge is for you to make a public commitment of 3-5 controllable activities that you are willing to put up financial consequences for, if you do not complete them over the next 7 days.  Share them below in the comments section so we can all support you in making this a fantastically productive and prosperous week!