Resurrecting Your Team Members

One of the most common questions we are asked is "How can I get my team members to come back?"  In this video, Sean explains all the different perspectives, layers and consideration inside the conversation. If you're not able to get over this fear, you will always have resistance to recruiting people!  The brain [...]

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Soul Food

What are you feeding your soul these days? Your soul, or spirit, is what you speak to when you are appreciating or blaming, loving or guilting, or maybe you’re just ignoring it altogether. When you give your soul healthy doses of love and appreciation, you will reap happiness and gratitude, putting you in a positive [...]

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Clear the Fear of Rejection with One Question

Fear Fix When you’re in business for yourself, fear is one of the things that challenges you all the time. But there’s a distinction between fear from your head and fear from your heart. When you know the difference, you can move out of the fear. Head Fear Your head fears loss, [...]

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What Are You Unconsciously Connecting?

Do you feel gratitude or frustration for your results? The answer to that question can offer insight as to why it's easy or hard to achieve your goals, because your unconscious mind connects your feelings and your results: When you're grateful for your results (no matter what they are!), you'll positively engage your unconscious [...]

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4 Steps to Beat Sabotage

Love harder. Aside from dealing with personal grief, LOVE is the answer in your business as well. Whenever we're sabotaging ourselves, it's because love's not present. When we're afraid of rejection, love isn't there.  When we're seeking approval, love isn't there.  When we're afraid to sell or recruit, love isn't there. In every given moment, [...]

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Perfectionism Isn’t a Problem

Yes, you read that right.  Perfectionism isn’t a problem, it’s actually a solution.  It’s a solution we often subconsciously choose to try and stop self-abuse. When you seek perfectionism, which is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection, then you protect yourself from a personal “beating.”  You can’t beat yourself up when you [...]

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