What Are You Unconsciously Connecting?

Do you feel gratitude or frustration for your results? The answer to that question can offer insight as to why it's easy or hard to achieve your goals, because your unconscious mind connects your feelings and your results: When you're grateful for your results (no matter what they are!), you'll positively engage your unconscious [...]

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[Audio] Inspecting Integrity

Inspecting Integrity - What if integrity was the new currency? What is integrity was the new definition of wealth? What if integrity was the definition of happiness, joy, or winning? What if integrity was the thing you were most committed to? What if you had faith that your integrity would lead to your goals as [...]

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[Audio] Experiencing Emotions

Experiencing Emotions - In order to evolve into the person you want to become, you have to experience your emotions, fully and freely, both the good and the “bad.”  But “bad” emotions are anything but bad, as they are gifts designed specifically for you, so that you can become the person you aspire to be. [...]

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[Audio] Harnessing Hope

Harnessing Hope - If you're experiencing doubt or feeling disappointment or constantly comparing yourself to others, you run the risk of losing hope. Hope is such a necessary human emotion, keeping you believing in something bigger than yourself.  So if you’re losing hope, the first step is to acknowledge that’s where you are.  Acknowledgement doesn’t [...]

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[Audio] Talking about Tension

Talking about Tension - Every step you take towards your dreams, your goals and your purpose leads you further away from your comfort spot — that place in your life where you’re most “comfortable.” Imagine a gigantic rubber-band around your waist, with one end of this band tethered to your comfort spot. As you walk [...]

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