Fear Fix

When you’re in business for yourself, fear is one of the things that challenges you all the time. But there’s a distinction between fear from your head and fear from your heart. When you know the difference, you can move out of the fear.

Head Fear

Your head fears loss, and is concerned about losing things. When you think about talking to someone about your business, if you’re worried about losing the sale or the potential team member, your fear is in your head. This can get you to start telling a bigger story about how you’re not good enough, and makes you think of all you’ve lost in the past. Fear in your head can be immobilizing, freezing you from taking action, because you’d rather stop where you are than risk losing. In contrast, your heart doesn’t care about losing.

Heart Fear

With your heart, the biggest fear is missing out on an opportunity to serve someone or experience something powerful for you. As a result, fear from your heart inspires you to talk to others, to get in motion. So if your head kicks in when you think about talking to someone about your business, it’s important to get back into your heart. I offer one question to help you do this:

One Question

Ask your heart, “what if she was the one?” What if she was the one you were put in the company to meet and serve? What if she was the one you had a divine appointment for so you can provide something to change her life? Would you talk to her then?

Any Questions for Me?

I’d love to know how this helps you, or if you have any questions for me.

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