What are you feeding your soul these days? Your soul, or spirit, is what you speak to when you are appreciating or blaming, loving or guilting, or maybe you’re just ignoring it altogether. When you give your soul healthy doses of love and appreciation, you will reap happiness and gratitude, putting you in a positive cycle of self care. But when your soul feeds on words of anger, frustration, worry and disappointment, your pain only grows as a negative cycle can spiral quickly out of control. Ignoring your soul isn’t healthy either, as it creates apathy and despair.

Healthy Habits

When was the last time you told yourself that you love you? If you’re like most people, you maybe never have, and probably cringe at the idea of doing it. But it is one of the most powerful and positive things you can do for yourself; give yourself the love you need and deserve. If you don’t, you will end up looking elsewhere to fill the void, and while loving relationships with others may help, they are not a perfect substitute for self-love.

If the idea of telling yourself, “I love you,” is inconceivable, start with looking yourself in the mirror and appreciating yourself for something you did (or didn’t do). We’re usually really good at beating ourselves up for things we shouldn’t have done, or should have done but didn’t. However, that only perpetuates a cycle of negativity, and most people don’t want to live there. Instead, tell yourself what you are proud of yourself for – even if it’s just one thing, like getting out of bed in the morning. Appreciating yourself for the little things can lead to bigger & better things as you set a positive cycle for yourself.

Dealing with Disappointment

When you work on feeding yourself healthy food (or go on a diet), getting off track can lead to disappointment. The same is true with what you feed your soul. You may be doing really well, but then a tough day (or even just a difficult moment) gets you down. It happens, so it’s important to know how to handle it when it does.

One thing you can do is to “cancel” your negative thoughts or words. It’s simple. As soon as you realize you’re beating yourself up or saying something negative or demeaning, just say out loud, “Cancel, cancel.” Say it internally if you’re not willing to speak out. Either way, it interrupts the pattern and you can reset yourself.

Another suggestion is to set a reminder at the end of each day to appreciate yourself. No matter what happened during the day, if you consciously choose to focus on something good and positive, it keeps you from dwelling on the difficulty of the day. You have the power to choose what you think about, so think about what serves you.

One Affirmation

And the affirmation, “I love myself, I am gentle with myself” Is my third and final suggestion (for now) to feed your soul. Use this affirmation upon waking, and anytime during the day when you are in need of a reminder to love yourself and be gentle with yourself. You can even repeat the affirmation to yourself in a meditation or prayer.

Any Questions for Me?

I’d love to know how this helps you, or if you have any questions for me.

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