My wife went on a “walk with God” the other day. I thought she just went to walk the dog. When I asked her about it, she said that’s how it started, just another morning dog walk. But things came up: frustrations, heartache, hurt, doubt, disappointments and depression. As she felt the tears coming on, she heard a voice gently ask her, “how can I help?” Her response was a simple and honest, “I don’t know.” The voice encouraged her, “talk to me.” So she did. She walked with God and “talked.” Not out loud, and sometimes not even with words, but with feelings. When the walk was over, she was in a better space.

Have you ever gone on a walk with God?

Movement Gets Things in Motion

When you feel overwhelmed, irritated, deflated or defeated, one of the best things you can do is move. While you might prefer to curl up in a ball and do nothing, that will do exactly that for you…nothing. Instead, I suggest you put your feet on the floor and head out the door. The closer to nature you can get, the better, because of the abundance, beauty and healing it offers. So head to a park or a patch of grass and lift your face to the sky and let out a sigh. Release, as best you can, what’s bothering you. The movement itself creates motion within you, and it’s something you can control. You can do something to make a difference in how you feel.

It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog or run, or if you’re alone or with a friend on two legs or four. All that matters is you get out the door. Take a deep breath, and take step after step after step. One step at a time, things can become clearer, less heavy, less stuck… things can start moving. And maybe God will walk with you, too. It’s always a good idea to invite him anyway.

COPE One Way or Another

Oftentimes when we feel stressed or “out of sorts,” we try to cope. We all have our own ways of coping: some eat, some drink, some go shopping, some withdraw and sleep, some exercise, and so many other options. In the short term, the coping can make us feel in control and better about things, but it’s really just avoiding the problem. Thus, in the long run, we’re not finding a solution for something that’s likely to return.
Another way to think about how most people attempt to COPE is this:


However, you can COPE if you think of it this way:


So my question is this: when you feel the need to COPE, which way will you choose?
I hope you will choose to get in motion, and start praying. Pray for God to walk with you, and talk as you go. Share your troubles, your fears, your concerns, and your heart. While it might feel hard to do, it gets easier each time you do it, and it keeps you at choice.

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